Standard windows san serif that pairs well with Interstate Light?

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Hi, I am revamping a name badge template created in word. The fonts used need to be available on standard windows (vista) computers.

The conference logo uses Interstate Light. Any suggestions for a windows sans serif (or even serif) that would pair well with Interstate Light? I currently selected Franklin Gothic bc it just looks better than Arial or Verdana...thoughts?


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Interstate Regular.


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Interstate Regular is a standard windows font? Great! Thanks! (And if so, I don't have to worry about cross-platform font incompatibilities when i toggle between my mac and the office set-up's PCs.

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Calibri is nice.

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>Interstate Regular is a standard windows font?

David is just joking. It's not.

>Calibri is nice.

I second that, but in a combo with Interstate? Perhaps Cambria would work better, also being nice but something entirely different.

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