Design BA or Wing it?

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Next year, I'll be graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Latin American Studies. Sadly, I've realized over the past year that my future does not lie in a world of NGOs and/or academia per say but in design and typography. Vassar has a limited studio art program with no design courses, so I have not been able to learn all the necessary skills and software that I would need. I am proficient with Illustrator and Photoshop as I was raised around my family business of printing.

The big question is, should I go to another four year institution to get a BA in design? What other options do I have if I want to pursue a career in art and design? Is there a way to balance tuition and quality?

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I wouldn't start fresh with a new degree program, I'd try to work with your advisers to customize a program that works for you. Maybe you can steer your degree towards a Latin American Art/Design degree with self-study or internships? Can you minor in art? If they have no typography or graphic design classes, I'd say take all the drawing classes you can while at Vassar. Drawing skills will serve you very well.

If this doesn't work out, you could always get a masters or professional certificate in graphic design at a school like NYU after you graduate.

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Join the self-taught (more or less). I had a technical printing background, and taught graphic arts and industrial arts in public school before entering the design field. I took a couple of continuing ed courses at SVA. I worked hard on my book and I lied where I could to get my first job. Granted this was back in 1979. But a good book opens most doors.

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Take continuing ed courses in typography, web design, interactive/interaction design, and motion graphics. Use what you learn to build up a portfolio. Don’t chase print, because it is rapidly becoming a very limited career field as the newspapers and magazines die off.

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