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July 18-20, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Let the posting begin.

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>The Typecon2003 site says that this year's TypeCon is "In >partnership with the Minnesota Center for Book Arts". Will there be >an exhibition running concurrently?

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Rich is correct, there will be a Bruce Rogers exhibit on display at MCBA during TypeCon. The non-digital TC03 workshops will be held at their wonderful facilities, and we'll also hold an evening event there during the conference. There will be plenty of opportunities to see the show.

I'll post here as soon as the full TypeCon website is launched - it will be ready within the next month!

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A little news about TypeCon2003, so attendees can plan their travel accordingly.

The conference is expanding to 4 days this year. Previous years have been 2.5-3 days... Workshops will be Thursday and Friday, with the main program beginning first thing Friday morning and running through Sunday at 6pm.

There will also be several special evening events every night as an integral part of the conference.

Online registration will begin end of Feb./first of March, and the conference fees will remain very inexpensive, even with the added programming and special events.

More information to come...

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The dates are actually July 17-20, 2003, in downtown Minneapolis.

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hey hey - have any updates gone through the TypeCon 2003 site?

I signed up one, twice, three times now but never did get any email confirmation or updates. perhaps the internet gods punishing me? can I be on the list already

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Tanya, I just checked the database, and you're definitely on the list.

You'll get scoop soon. And lots of it!

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aha.. ok thanks. just making sure I'll get something in writting and could only get through here.

the bosses were starting to think that I was fibbin' about the conference and getting them to pay for a mini vacation.

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Check your email for something to wave in their faces ;)

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Anyone planning on driving from New England or the mid-Atlantic? I

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I've moved this thread to the new SOTA "Special Interest
Group," moderated by Tamye Riggs.

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For the Minnesota Center for Book Arts exhibition during Typecon2003...I believe it will be on the work of Bruce Rogers. The Typecon & SOTA Websites will start having lots of info soon.

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Read the complete transcript of the recent Typophile Chat
hosted by Tamye Riggs discussing TypeCon 2003, the new site
and SOTA in general.

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Stay tuned for a special announcement for Typophile
Uppercase Members attending TypeCon 2003.

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