Dingbat font in OpenType

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How the encoding should work for a dingbat font in OpenType, considering Unicode and stuff? What's the best way to make it compatible with older programs and different OS and languages?

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I've built dingbat fonts that encoded icons in the PUA unicode ranges. To make something compatible with dumb programs you could do it the cryptic old-fashioned way, putting your dingbats in slots accessible by mac and windows keystrokes and making a reference sheet.

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Yeah, assigning PUA unicode values is probably the most 'correct' way, but it's also very common to put them in the upper and lowercase Latin positions. I guess it depends if the font will also include an alphabet or not.


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Also check and see if the particular dingbats you have happen to match up with the appropriate Unicode spaces. There are some dingbat or dingbat-likes in Miscellaneous Technical (2300), Miscellaneous Symbols (2600) and Dingbats (2700) and a few other places.

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