Tertre: A new geometric serif from Paragraph

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A cousin of Galette, Tertre derives its inspiration from the French signage tradition. It is a display typeface with a wide range of applications from signage to menus and pricelists, branding and packaging or publishing. It is named after Place du Tertre, a square located at the top of Montmartre—a hill overlooking Paris, made famous by the artists of the 19th and 20th Century.
Alternate capitals with Art Nouveau flavor are provided, as well as Central European, Baltic and Turkish language support.

Now available from MyFonts. A PDF sample here.

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Nicely done, I like what you did with the Art Nouveau alternate capitals.

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Thanks, Peter.

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Two more weights added today:

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I like the slanted crossbar on the A which echoes the slant of the a -- sets it apart from other similar fonts.

Dave Nalle
Scriptorium Fonts

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