Hayes Green Beach Identity

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To offer a little history to this project, below are a couple of stationary suite renderings from previously proposed concepts along with a rendering of the current design.


mosaic tree

simple elegance

The third design, which was the accepted concept, will be going to print soon, but a revision has been requested

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Scott I tend to like the last one, all the type on one line. It allows the other elements of the logo to dominate. I don't like the middle one why add another graphic element (rule). I hope you win out, but clients

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hi scott -- i the bottom one works best . . . although the alignment seems a bit off. I would either pull the line of text so it aligns with the left and right of the logo or center the text (the bottom one here is what you have now:

great work by the way. :-)

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I tried the mathmatical/literal alignment in ealier development of the logo w/out the "HAYES GREEN BEACH", but it didn't seem to work visually. I have tried to create an optical alignment, or rather, balance. Similar to how the bottom edge of the "G" crosses the baseline, the bowl of the "B" crosses the imagined vertical line. The left side is a little more complicated with the graphic. I considered the direction of the angle, the overall shape and the lighter color of the graphic in determining relative balance between it and the byline. I could be wrong, but that was my reasoning. I used the old squinting technique

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scott: i see what you are trying to do, but IMO it looks off when you center it with the top edge of the tree icon instead of the bottom.

IMO you should either align it with the B and the edge of the tree trunk or center it with the edge of the B and the lower corner of the icon.

Hopefully someone else will give you their intake as well. May be just a personal preference. . .

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SO far - my favorite is the centered between lower left and b (sally's #2), but it might be the lines that are making that such a strong alignment. Would a full justification work - it came up in sally's previous post and it didn't look bad - it would get rid of the doubt.

I have to say though that I worry about this should it be presented at a much smaller size - you run the risk of fill in in letters like the R, A, P, etc. once it gets on press - partly will depend on stock. If you will keep it this size (on one line) could you maybe use a more open version of the face?

What will the uses of this version of the logo be? Or will this be the "official" logo?

I really wasn't against #1 in your original post, while I understand that you want to keep emphasis on HGB, I think that in the uses when it is necessary to have that identifying tagline, it should be easily legible. The problem is when you add in Hayes Green Beach (something that is merely clarifying) you end up having to reduce the Memorial Hospital (something which is important information). Which do you sacrifice for the other? I think the sacrifice of Memorial Hospital at smaller sizes may be a little too much. However - I do think the size in the 1st one could come down or be lighter to make it recede a little more.

Having said that mouthful - I love all three of your original concepts - very clean, very corporate - nice - I really like #2 hope you can use that for someone else someday.

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