Is there a difference in a mentorship vs. an internship in graphic design today?

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My interest in this topic does have an end goal. To setup a mentorship program.

By a convoluted definition, a mentorship is an opportunity for a protege to be an observer first, practice later with the goal of gaining knowledge. Whereas an internship is given based on the perceived ability of the person to work right away.

As you can imagine there is some overlap in that a senior designer or creative director may mentor an intern indirectly, but their primary focus is really on getting the job done right and on time (as its a business).

At least this is how i see it. So the end there a place for mentoring in graphic design outside of internships? Does anyone mentor young students or graduates? Is this whole conversation crazy?


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I'm playing around in that direction, but I'm using older terminology: novice & apprentice. I've currently got a novice working on becoming an apprentice. The novice pays for the training, the apprentice pays for the training with the work done.

David Bergsland

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