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Hello All,

Just a quick question, are the 'ODEON' fonts (ODEON headline and ODEON lette gothic) the same as ITC Machine and Letter gotic. I e-mailed the company and recieved the following reply:

Dear Mr Storey,

Thank you for your subsequent email. The font used in the ODEON sign is not a commercially available font. It is a unique font owned exclusively by ODEON and is used in all of our designs and most importantly forms our ODEON logo. We actually use 2 different fonts:

ODEON Headline - This is the most recognisable font and is used in our name signs. It only has capital letters.

ODEON Letter Gothic - This is our secondary font and is used in sub-headings, etc. Again, it only has capital letters.

We hope that this answers your questions.



Please find the images they sent me as well.

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