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infomaniak means computermaniac in english wich name is not related on their services (10 years ago their were fixing PC, so is their name). in french "maniac" is writtent with a 'c' not a 'k', so i decided on this project to focus on the k to get an identity.
i made the first logo based on a Myriad Typeface, wich i modified to make it more personal, but i'm asking myself if enven with modifications, myriad is so much used, that it's hard with this font to have a personal touch signature logo.
So if you could help me decide in this series wich one is the best, what do you like or not.
dont hesitate to be crude if think so, i'm not afraid of the dark, and you can learn a lot from critisism.
ps. sorry for my bad english.

first three have the same typo, just added a logo for project 2 (and a 'trying to be fancy' gradiant in 2b)
Project 3 is different typefont.

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I like #3 the best. The Infomaniac part, not the Network. I think it could easily work even without a special treatment of m and k as a wordmark.

The K symbol is nice and memorable. I would however try switch back to regular M and slice off the tip of f's ascender instead. I.e. to match the appearance of 'a'.

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Thanks for the comment, i'm trying that with f.

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I've modified the f as you suggested and it's much better, so now
what about the m cutted yes or no ?

I have to find a font for "Network" what do you think about helvetica Neue Thin extended ?
like this

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If it were up to me, I'd drop modified M.

A couple of more ideas if it's not too late - (a) cut the top of the K at the same 45 deg angle (top-left to bottom-right) (b) consider using all caps.

With regards to the secondary font - I'm not convinced it is needed and that the whole logo cannot be done in just one family.

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Thanks again for your consideration. it's not too late.
i will try your suggestions. All Caps, mmh i don't know
about that. i will also try all the same font, didn't try
that because i tough it would be too heavy.

for the all caps, i have to stick a minimum to the current
logo wich you can see at
and i love the generous-rounded side of the font
in Capital it would be all angle, don't you think?

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some try with the same font, i've tried with capitals, it losts all its charm if found.
in the top version i have the k cutted like n and m and the original font.
in the bottom the k is full cutted and the font is matchning modifications

It would be nice if i could have opinions of more people, about the k the m the Network font
i need inputs, i'm a slow decider and i need to fasten the project as much as possible
All inputs are warmly welcomed.

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New idea for the logo, variation size in logotype

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Any chance of getting another color/shade in there?
I like the diagonal motif but the overall feeling is a bit monotonous.

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My fault, i have this old habit, comming from print usage, to always work the shape before the colors. I have to change this because of web now, but old habit.....

i've try the logo in 3d also with a glass effect

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That 3d glass is very cool.

Now just find a way to incorporate that into the logo. :)

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Forget about colours for now. Stick to your habits inspite web times these days. Logos are still logos and are better made bootom up, than vice-a-versa.

Anyway. I like the "ik" symbol, but would like to see it more squared.

If the name is Infomaniak Network, than both words should be equally emphasized. If Network will be something "changeable", then I like tel light Helvetica version much much better, because it doesn't distract the logo. If Network is just as important as Infomaniak, than I'd use the logo with both words in the same type size. And same letter manipulation.

But. I would write Infomaniak in lower case. Including "I", so it will make more sense to the logo symbol.

One more observation: the modified "k" at the end of these words has a bit too wide top. Translation: right angled stroke goes too much to the right so it visually goes over the end of the bottom left slanted stroke. Can anybody translate this crap to english readable sentence? :)
Robert Koritnik

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my english is as bad as yours, so i totally understand what you say. Thanks you for so descriptive and precise opinion, helps a lot to make mind. "Infomaniak network" is the legal name of the company, but sometimes they just communicate as "Infomaniak" alone. This is the reason why at first i didn't use the same typo, but it's not changeable, there is or there isn't, depending on the space reserved for the logo (or not), so this is why i decide to finally emphasis the Infomaniak word, and make Network smaller.
i will carefully meditate and try your suggestion, once again thanks for your time, it's very rare.

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