Logo / Lettering for my 58 model boat

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I've just recently bought a classic hot rod boat, and I'm in the process of designing the lettering /logo for it. The boat is a Dowty Turbocraft 1958 model speedboat.

A picture: http://cache.finn.no/mmo/7/171/520/97_883282576_hoved.jpg

One Idea I had for the design include a bomberplane pinup design (WW2 style)... I'm a bit stuck ... any thoughts/ideas from you lot would be appreciated.

Name of the boat is "Baby" :)


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Your boat doesn't need a pinup--it's sexy enough on its own. Also, you've got a small space to work with, the transom of a 15-foot (or so) boat.
If I had a gorgeous vintage boat like that, and it had a name with only four letters, I'd put the name either in something with the feel of brush-script lettering from 1950s advertising, like this:

(coincidentally, this is called TheNautiGal, from TypeSETit) or something with elegant flourishes, like this:
(Olidia from insigne).

If you're determined to have a WWII bomber-style pinup, here's one that goes well with your boat's name:

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