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hey everyone,

i would love to get my hands on two of the fonts that came with FUSE 15 magazine: F DIY (foundations and skeletons) by Peter Grundy and F Bits by Paul Elliman...

i read that the fonts that came with the mag were to be considered work in progress and the idea was that the fonts that came with the mag were experimental freeware and should be freely built upon, expanded ect....if this is not the case i apologise in advance, im not trying cheat or rip off anyone, i am simply ignorant / misinformed and if these have been released commercially please can someone tell me where i can purchase them... if however they are above board freeware can someone share them? also, if they are freeware, what are the terms i.e only for personal use or also commercial?

once again, i know how sensitive the issue of sharing fonts is, i am NOT asking anyone to share anything illegally, or violate the terms of the mag...

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