@font-face and Font MIME Types?

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Found the following at Garrick Van Buren's "Kernest" and figured Garrick might have better luck with an answer here at Typophile:

Many of the assets browsers understand have specific MIME types to provide hints to the web browser (and email clients) on how to process them. Everything from images to javascripts to Microsoft Word docs have a corresponding MIME type.

A basic example of this: PDFs might be rendered via a browser plugin or the browser might hand it over to Preview.app.

With the adoption of @font-face and the corresponding proliferation of embedded fonts - is a font-specific MIME type needed?

Anne van Kesteren asked this question back in 2008 - and the closest answer I can find is ‘application/octet-stream‘ might be fine (since it already exists) but it definitely doesn’t feel clean.

From: http://kernest.com/blog/archive/font-face-and-font-mime-types

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Isn’t this a question for the browser programmers? They don’t seem to be having any problems implementing @font-face so far.

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