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Hi there
I have always wanted to make an ambigram.
Just for fun, but never came around to it.
Beside that I did't like the blackletter-style, medieaval-styl ambigrams. So I never started on it. No idea what else they should look like.

But finaly I did and am very surprised by the outcome.

I think I made an ambigram that is perfectly readible upside down, but even on its sides! Well, I think it does.

Please share your thoughts.

ambigram.pdf217.9 KB
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F A N T A S T I C !

>Jota itsa J85<

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Congratulations. Looks very whole.

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Am I the only one that thinks the kerning is dreadful?.


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Thanks guys, wasn't sure about it.

@Ross: You are right! Thanx for the tip.


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Love the treatment! Very clean.
Dunno, I wouldn't have noticed anything strange about the kerning… it's kind of hard to tell though. But don't mess too much with this thing of beauty! :-)

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Kind of hard for me to judge, as it displayed sideways in my browser.

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I can't tell why, but somehow it reminds me of something I've already seen before. I will let you know as soon as I find it again.

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So stylish, what is your inspiration ?

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My inspiration?
Well, one day I was having a look at the sun ... wearing no sun glasses and I saw a bunch of little stars contrasting beautifuly against the sun. Why I was looking at the sun hasn't become clear to me. But it was a moment of eureka!
The start of a beautiful project.

I think I will name it: O, simplicity. What do you think?

A few days later - by the way - I realized that it didn't matter from which angle you look at our yellow spot in the sky. It remains circular.

A revelation.


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I like how it also serves as a cipher for all ambigrams in general.

Nick Hladek

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good idea, not sure about the typeface though? try a slab serif maybe??

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"When I was a kid, my mother told me not to stare into the sun.
So once when I was six I did. At first the brightness was overwhelming,
but I had seen that before. I kept looking, forcing myself not to blink,
and then the brightness began to dissolve. My pupils shrunk to pinholes
and everything came into focus and for a moment I understood."


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He you all!
Thanks for your input!
A big help.
It inspires me to keep going.

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btw: I am working on an other ambigram using the capital 'i'.
Not that easy ....

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