(x) Modern script cursive font / 'L'Arte Del Gelato' - Custom by Jessica Hische {Riccardo}

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I'm after the font in the Italian, not the 'GELATO' bit. I've seen it somewhere before, but can't remember. Thanks, Adam

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I am not sure that is a font. Except for the A it seems quite similar to Canada Type's Apricot. Mark Simonson's Coquette is less connected than this, but also has a rather similar feel.

- Mike Yanega

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You might also like HT Cartoleria and some of these upright scripts.

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Also: MeMimas and Pinocchio, however the caps are off.

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And Chic Hand (Flat-it), Charminette Light (Vanderfont), P22 Art Deco, Pauline (Insigne), Adonis Old Style (Spiece Graphics), Artemisia (Nick's Fonts), and Londonderry (Nick's Fonts)

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ooooOOOOoooohhh!!! i'm after that font too! (but i'm afraid it's lettering) but do let me know if you find anything similar. thnx!

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I know. I asked her because I like it so much too.



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