Logo for Solar Pathfinder

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This is the logo that I created for a company that builds a device that gives quick, accurate solar shade information for the entire year.
I'd love to hear your suggestions/critiques

~ B.Biddle

Solar Pathfinder Logo

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It feels a little overdone. IMPO I would try to simplify. Maybe get rid of the things that don't necessarily need to be there. I really like the symbol. I wish the symbol worked without the type. I would concentrate on the symbol and then apply the type as a supporting element, right now it feels like the sun needs some breathing room.

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I agree with David about it being overdone.

It would appear that your logo is already in action. What I gather from their site, is that the device analyses both shade and light. This dark/light interplay could be really nice. You have it a bit in the type colors, but that feels almost coincidental. Also, the shape of the object itself (a reflective dome) could lend itself to some very sharp, clean visuals. The sun is a great idea/object to use as the central image, but the ojbect itself is more unique to this company.

It's by no means a bad mark, but it doesn't seem directly related. It's a literal translation of the name, which is certainly logical at face value, but isn't directly relevant to the actual company or its product.

Perhaps a merging of a dark field, the glass 'eye' of the device, and some solar streamers could blend the concepts together and simplify the mark. I don't think an image of a path is necessary. The device's shape and the sun's shape are the same. Don't pass up that opportunity too quickly.

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Thanks to the both of you for taking the time to critique. Yes, the logo is already in action. Unfortunately, there was a deadline, and the client like the logo. Perhpas I can do a bit of re-work on it putting your suggestions to good use.

Thanks again...


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Hi Brian,

what disturbs me is the lacking connection of the circle inside (which seems to be a prefabricated symbol) and the solar streamers around. If you could connect those two you might be able to compensate your overdoing. Maybe also clean up the whitespace between the streamers, they seem to be pretty randomly placed.

If I think about it again if you would leave out the streamers you'd get a pretty clean mark. Problem, it suffers from a lack of individuality.



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I'd stick to 2 colours. (lose the darker brown/gold) Your flames are darker then the sun and there's an outline of darker brown on it too.

and again maybe it's my eyes but the pathfinder text looks slightly gradiated - no need for that really.

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