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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick early bird shout out to let you all know that Colophon Foundry has just released Reader in 6 weights – Regular, Regular Italics, Medium, Medium Italics, Bold & Bold Italics.

For a limited time of a week only, get yourself a bargain!


Colophon Foundry

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Hey Edd,
Glad to see this :) Looks like your hard work paid off! Congratulations, look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. I'll pop by some time soon and find out more about Colophon and I'm interested in the risograph printing too.
Good stuff :)

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Hi, can you show some text set with Reader?

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Hi Ben,
Thanks! We've got a few more in the works, so will let you know once it gets a little bit further. Please do pop by and say hello!

To see some text set in reader, you can visit the website:

We are updating on tuesday, which will include previews of all of the weights of Reader.
Alternatively, please e-mail us (address on found on the website) and we can send across a preview


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