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Dear typophilers,

Now, Titulata have a italic version!
I wait your critique.

Thanks, Eduardo

titulata italic_coming soon.pdf78.89 KB
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Hi Eduardo,

This is amazing, it's a great work. One of my favorite letter is "t", and "w" is lovely too. Well, I love almost everything.

The crashing beak of the "s" is a little bit disturbing for me. I suggest also to release the gutter of the "r", it looks very condensed. The upper join of "d" is too wide comparing with "b" or "g".

I think some straight terminals of the uppercase letters should be replaced by the "A" right terminal.


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many, many beautiful glyphs
love the j, k, q, z, 9, B especially
q's a little hard to read but I find it so appealing that I don't mind!

spine of S looks weak
agree about crashing on s; Y too
agree about r - appreciate that you don't want to open up too much space underneath, but the arm looks a bit like a squooshed ellipse.

I wonder if the angles are a touch too sharp - the humps at x-height (bhmnp) and the flicks at the baseline (adhilmntu). Of course you don't want to make it too sloppy, but letters with those angles stand out a bit against letters without them to my eye.

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muy buena! me encanta!
very good job!
the normal "y" is so interesting


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Thanks to all for the comments!

Gracias a todos por los comentarios!

Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni

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