Academic journal: Which font company do I need to approach for commercial product licensing?

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G'day guys,

Couple of questions:

1. Does anyone have experience in licensing fonts for embedding in academic journals available in PDFs? Do you think the copyright revenue that publishers get counts the publication towards being a commercial product?


2. One of the fonts is (the ever glamorous) Palatino. This is the font info:

Copyright © 1991-99, 2006 Apple Computer, Inc. Copyright © 1991-92 Type Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademark Palatino is a registered trademark of Linotype AG.

Who do I contact for licensing? Apple, TSI (Bitstream) or Monotype/Linotype?

As with a lot of my fonts, I have no documentation letting me know where or when they came from in the first place, I just have to guess. In the future I'm aiming to only use foundries that have no restrictions on embedding,
thanks guys, you've been helpful in the past I hope you can help now.


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