Lining or Oldstyle Figures?

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I'm unsure of the best way to present this paragraph. The first has oldstyle figures and the second has lining.
There's a mix of currency (R), numbers, percentages and times of day.

To my eye the lining figures look neatest, but perhaps I should think about using oldstyle because it's part of an extended block of text where there will be other numerals dotted around.

I've turned the am and pm into small caps and now wonder if the R (rand) currency symbol should be a small cap too (if I go with OSF). Is it conventional to have the currency symbol before the numeral or after?

What's the general preference?

(And I've just noticed that hyphen between Cape Town and Simon's Town, which I'll change to the word 'to'.)

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Hi Bendy

Definitely o/s numerals with the small caps, and this nice classy face.
For the "R8" I'd manually decrease the height of the R about 10% I don't know that a true small-cap will be appropriate there.

For the phone number you might consider changing 'Tel' to small caps as well.

If you do end up with the lining, be sure to bump the hypens up a half-point or so ;-)

Peter (Almost Free Letterpress!)

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I think the hyphen in Cape Town - Simon's Town is confusing too. Makes me think you are making an aside. The word "to" would work better.

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