Please help

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I really need a font called "Freight Sans". (NOT for commercial use).

However, I can't afford the price set forth by the font companies.

Is there a freeware font quite similar to this one?

Thanks a lot.

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Hello PDM,

welcome to Typophile.
I recommend you reading the 2-epsiode introduction to the work of a typedesigner by Yves Peters, and The Value of Type by Erik van Blokland. Furthermore, have a look at the FAQ Free.

Microsoft Windows comes with a handsome sans-serif font family by Joshua Darden, the designer of Freight. Corbel has four weights, very wide language support (including Cyrillic and Greek), small-caps, various figure styles and more. Note that Corbel is not a free font.

BTW, here’s a link to Freight Sans.

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Jeremy Tankard designed Corbel, not Joshua Darden.

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Holy Jeremiah! You’re absolutely right, I messed those two up, sorry.

I still think Corbel could serve as a nice high-quality alternative for the smaller budget.

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"really need" = really want.

If you need it, license it. If not, use something else and save up for Freight!

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