Typophile "SEARCH" works "funky"

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I don't know is it me or something else, but over and over I keep noticing that whenever I use search on this site I cannot get any results that are definitely there in posts when I look forums step by step. These are often very simple words...

I'm I not seeing something?

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I just made a search for "arial" and no results were found. Intriguing...

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lol I see this will be like infinite loop question if search stays broken :)
People search what's wrong with search, search lists zero results, new topic is born :)

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Yep. A perpetuum mobile of questions? We've got it! :-)

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Well, once the search function starts working, there will not be any relevant results anyway … because they will be lost in too many “Search NOT working?” topics! :-D

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So the administration of the forum is aware of this? Are they fixin' it? I find this site & forum very valuable resource but I really hate to navigate blind :(

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You don't have to.

Put this in a book mark:


Or this in Google:

site:typophile.com your search term/s here

BTW I cannot take credit. I am just passing on the info.

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i did use google, but it's nice when u can use on-site search :)

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Note that the script needs straight single quotes in order to work properly. The code that Eben has posted fell victim to Typophile’s SmartyPants filter. See this comment by Jelmar (Quincunx) for a sound version.

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i thought something's wrong with script.
thnx now it's bookmarked :)

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Sorry guys - we know this is a major outstanding issue.

We have an entirely new and functioning search working - in a secret place. But that is all I can say :)

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Florian thanks for pointing to a functional script!

Thanks for the news Zara! Exciting!

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I use this fail-safe method (similar to above, but with better results):

Enter on Google:

site:typophile.com/node/ search term(s) here

This eliminates Google results containing the annoying combination of actual threads and outdated indexed forum pages that no longer have the search terms on the results page. Just threads of relevant content. Mmm.

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Yes, the new forum upgrade, including a fixed search, is in QA testing. With one of our key team members now on paternity leave we're not making promises on launch dates. Thanks for your patience.

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dunno if this works for you guys. but i rolled my own typophile search and bookmarked that...

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Good news! We fixed it. You can go ahead and use the search field again. Apologies for leaving it broken for so long. Some bugs are more tenacious than others.

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And if anyone is interested, I just created a new command on YubNub to search Typophile using the revamped search engine. All you have to do is go to YubNub.org and type in "tphile" and then whatever you want to search for (make sure you use quotes for any phrases). YubNub is extremely useful when you install it in your search or address bar, so I can now search Typophile quickly from any browser window. Other useful typographic search commands include myfonts, fontshop, fontshopadv, veertype, and adobe.

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