Fountain - Double Release in July

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July 7, 2003 Malmo, Sweden

The Fountain catalogue has been updated with the 3 new type families:

Alita - a text face placed somewhere between renaissance and transitional Antiqua, designed by Peter Hoffmann.

Paracelsus - a modern take on the old gothic type form called Schwabach, designed by Lars Bergquist.

Waldstein - a Scotch typeface named after young Beethoven's mecenat, this is also designed by Lars Bergquist.

We have added a new section to the site called - Visual Overview - where you can take a fast peek on our whole collection of typefaces.

The second release will be next week when we release 2 new fonts by Martin Fredrikson, plus an update of some of his earlier typefaces.

You can also take a peek at some of our upcoming fonts

have a nice day

Peter Bruhn, principal designer & owner

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