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So, I've created the first two pieces in a five part series of mailers. The pieces all use a two-color black plus silver tritone to reproduce black & white photography, spot red ink, a gloss aqueous coating over the top of all of it (they are self-mailers). The 2nd in the series is being bid out with a tinted varnish pattern as well.

Originally, we were going to use an emboss and silver ink technique to simulate duct tape on one of the mailers, a die cut on yet another, but the client has decided that the mailers must be closed with glue dots, which ate up our production budget with postage costs, sort of leaving me in a creative lurch on mailers 3-5.

So, I am reaching out to you guys to get some suggestions for cheap production techniques that might add a little sparkle and wow to these pieces without running up a huge budget increase. We're already at 5 colors with the varnish, so I don't think we can add more colors, and the form factor is already fixed, so we can't alter that (fold in half self mailer sealed with four glue dots).

Thanks in advance!

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Does it really need four glue dots? I do a ton of fold-in-half stuff, and I've never needed four. You might want to check with your mailhouse to make sure. I can usually get away with one wafer seal.

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