Popular Electronics -- oldish slab

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Any ideas?

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Hellenic Wide

EDIT: Ooops, Jan even linked faster …

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So do you think it's stretched or something? Cause the proportions aren't the same (see "P").
Or is the sample pre-digital, so that nothing we find will be exactly identical?

Top: Original sample
Second: LoneStar
Third: Archive Antique Extended
Fourth: Hellenic Wide

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You could add 58 Rodeo and FF Zapata if you wanted.

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Nina, your sample of Archive Antique Extended looks very close, except for the tracking.

Another candidate is the old FontBank "Hefty"

- Mike Yanega

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Mike, agreed. One possible problem with Archive Antique Extended though
is that it looks like a "dirty" digitization; for instance, head serifs of "U" and "L"
don't line up.

Hefty is fun too. Ah, I enjoy this genre :)

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Ah, I enjoy this genre

Oh, do you really? :-)

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Guess I'm getting predictable.  :->

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Nina, you're right. The reason its slightly different is probably because there were many metal and wood types in the genre and only some have been digitized.

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Thanks all!

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