typography in the 60s

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Does anyone have any good internet or book references what kind of headline typography designers used in the 1960s (in books, posters etc.)

Or name some particular typefaces?


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Hmm. not sure if it will help but there's two books called The Art of Rock, and The Art of Modern Rock which would have good examples for posters.

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The Techni-Process Lettering Catalog, which bowfin cites on his website, is an excellent journey through the world of ’60s typography. Large ad agencies keep libraries of their tear sheets, which they may be kind enough to allow you to peruse, and any large library will have, at least, microfiche copies of ’60s magazines and newspapers.

Perhaps easiest to obtain, Amazon is selling a 4-DVD set that contains every page of every issue of Rolling Stone, including the ads, for $53.44. Yes, the magazine began publishing in 1969, but the seventies didn’t truly arrive until the dawn of disco:


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