Fountain releases Meadow Pro

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Fountain happily presents a new typeface release:

Meadow Pro - a warm analog sans

Designed by Göran Söderström.

Meadow is a warm analog sans typeface for everyday use. With a contemporary fresh expression it's well suited for everything- from strong headlines all the way down to small size settings.

The family contains romans and italics in 5 weights (10 styles). Small caps, extended language support and OpenType features for the most demanding situations are included.

Meadow Pro can be found at:

Download PDF:

Thank you for your time
and have a nice day

Peter W. Bruhn

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Congratulations Göran, this is quite a beautiful and warm face.

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Thanks Rui. And as you probably already know, I really like your Catacumba. I think Peter must arrange some kind of Fountain-designer-party where we all can meet up someday.

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Congratulations Göran! This is lovely and even stuff!

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Nice work Göran. I hope Meadow becomes a smash hit!

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