Illuminated letters as lamps

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Hi there,

don't know whether this has been posted here already but this one is quite cool:

You can see more letters at

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This is tempting. What a shame the "ö" is taken. :->

I always wonder how realistic these prices are (I've seen such letters sold at similar prices before). Has anyone here ever had such letters made, or ordered some? Are they always this expensive?

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Many building recycling stores will have various letters from signage. You can sometimes find ones already pre-wired for bulbs.

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Why not take a screwdriver with you the next time you take a walk after dark.

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> Has anyone here ever had such letters made, or ordered some? Are they always this expensive?

I suspect they might be, based on what it costs to get an illuminated sign made. Of course for that you are paying for electricians working on high ladders, but the cost is always in the thousands for those signs.

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Good idea, Jan. If you happen to see another "R" during one of your walks...

Actually, for roughly half the cost per letter, I have had such signs custom built and installed on the tops of buildings, complete with electrical hook-ups. I prefer it if installers do their work from a cherry picker or a bucket truck and most of the elctricla work is inside the building.

The "cans: for a number of commonly used fonts are avaialable pre-fabricated, including the translucent face.


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I found that site a while back too, very interesting, but I think they are rediculously expensive.

I suspect the letters on that website are left-overs / second-hands from demolition sites and such, which they then slightly refurbish. So the new price isn't really relevant. They probably buy that stuff in bulk, and make a hefty profit on them.

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