Typecon2004 Photos

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Now that Typecon2004 has come to an end, I'm sure we all have a slew of photos - both of the events and of, well, you know, sock puppets, drunken escapades and that sort of thing. :ahem:

Post your image collection URLs here!

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I have a lot - mostly of drunken typographers frolicking. Up tomorrow. Until then, maybe Zara will share some of her masterpieces?

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We are still trying to decide what to do with the plunger

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I love this secret 'we-were-there-talk.' It reminds that I should have been there... Looking forward to the pics!
A thank you goes out to my trusty Type Con Conference Strike Teamers! Thanks for your help.

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> We are still trying to decide what to do with the plunger

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whew, what a week. I'm exhausted, I'll post my photos tomorrow

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Zara, good shots. But where's Dyanna?


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Wow, it's so great to see Typophiles all happy and hanging out. Reminds me that all of this is more than just words on the web. Perhaps in the future I'll be able to join you. 'Til then, cheers!

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Here are a few more, at my dad's .mac account:

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I've also posted these not-so-dirty pictures that Zara supplied - a bit too racy for her own album.

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Gee whiz. These are going to seem really boring now. :-)

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oh no! i've been laughing so hard my tummy hurts. great pics. i never did find the blue bunny that night.

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Ouch. Now I officially regret being knocked out.
And you're saying there's a secret Level-3 beyond that stuff...
Finally, I have a mission in life.


Mark, what's with all those photos with fonts in them?


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Mark, what's with all those photos with fonts in them?

Well, it was a type conference. I had to take some pictures of type. :-)

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I'm printing these out to convince my wife to come to NY2005!

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> to convince my wife

Wow - lucky guy...


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Zara Evens took all of those - not me. I was having too good of a time to document those particular moments. Just kidding!

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Hrant said (well, he meant):

But where's Dyana?

Yes, where am I?

The first license of Materot goes to the lucky person who gives me a *good* shot of my half-split. I am notoriously un-photogenic, so, goofy shots will only make me sad and less likely to dance at the next TypeCon, which is about the same time that I will have learned a newer, "much more awesome" move.

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Dyana, if I could print the image seared in my brain I would, although I don't think they make photographic paper that's strong enough anyway.


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Yves -- when she saw the Black Album she INSISTED she accompany me. She said she trusted me but she'd get really jealous if a drunk woman stuck her tongue in my ear.

If she'd been there she'd be one of the drunken cohorts of Zara, believe me. The stories I could tell...

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Good grief. I slept 4 hours the night before. I wasn't thinking clearly when I put on those socks.

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Andy, those shots are jaw-dropping. Some are nearly magical.
What's most impressive is that I didn't even notice you had a camera.

Oh, and even without the half-split I think you deserve the Materot.


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Wow, looks like one hell of a party!

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Thanks again Hrant, I really appreciate it. Like I said over in the typographica thread, if anyone wants to reproduce them just give me credit and ask me for a high-res. The number one tip is to practice to be good enough with your camera to be able to use it in the dark while drunk.

TypeCon: Argyle socks and sweaty men.

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Dyana, I don't know if there's a "much, more, awesome" move than the half-split though I think there's probably something "much, less, painful looking"

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Yves wrote: "ATypI gatherings suddenly seem really boring.."

Well, hoping ATypI will be in stay in Europe for 2005, Yves... maybe being on home soil will make a difference? ;)

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Gah, now I'm really regretting my lack of money. Looks like I missed a hell of a party!

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Great shots, Andy.

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man. i have a spread i'm doing fr my student publication, and it seems like i might have been the only one around still in school. it'll look good.. i promise. hi i'm davy, i'm sure no one saw me. .heh. if i knew that party was so banging, i might have showed up and not gone back to work.

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Great pictures, Andy!

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Yet another gallery here:

As usual, fuzzy and tipsy are the hallmarks of typographic photography -- at least by my hand.

It was a great week. Lots of talk and info, fun, visuals, sonics; all that good stuff.

Hope you all can make it to NY next year!

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My photos are finally up:

Not many photos of the conference itself this year. A lot of them turned out blurry and dark. Still haven't got the hang of this new camera yet...

Andy, your photos are great. Most people with digital cameras tend to take lots of crappy shots and pay virtually no attention to composition, etc. But the few shots you took are all very carefully framed and captured the perfect moments. Great stuff!

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The Typotect pictures:

Another wonderful convention. I look forward to meeting even more of you in NYC next summer. The world feels smaller each year.

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It's where the tourists go to think they're in Italy. You know, red&white tablecloths, chianti, Mexican waiters recast as Italians, all the traps.


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I should prolly throw in my 5 cents, too ;)

(wonder when I'll find the time to post the good stuff, though)


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Okay Dyana. You got me to stop being a lurker AND post my TypeCon photos (even though the two of you are fuzzy...bus bounce).


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It's great seeing everyone's pictures...catching things I missed
and seeing different points of view (don't want to know any more
about the plunger though).

Jan, you got some great shots...of Tiffany & Dyana...
of Ed getting the goblet...of the nut orchard.
And those are wonderful titles too, a great play on words.


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(Dyana - Why did you say "I'm notoriously un-photogenic..."

You're pretty. Also Jill Bell.)


The Lord of The Ring

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>Argh... Sorry Dyana mor misspelling your name...<

and for misspelling "for"?

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Hrant - thanks!

Joe - good point. My networking skills are as fancy as my dance moves. Next time I will document it myself.

Jill - yay! Glad I could get you to post - finally, pictures where I am not captured looking like a fool. If no half-split surfaces, the license is yours, if you want it.

Yves - don't worry about the misspelling. But hooray for me indeed. *cough*buynobel*cough*

Lord of the Ring - thanks. But being pretty and being unphotogenic are two different things - I know how many photos people had to delete because I was blinking, or my mouth was hanging open catching flies, or just generally looking much worse in two dimensions than I do in three. But at any rate, prettiness has nothing to do with type. You should see me when I work. It's giant glasses, frizzy hair, and frumpy clothes all day long.

Now where is the picture of my split? Huh? HUH?!

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> prettiness has nothing to do with type.

You go girl.

(Yves, she must mean the one at FB.)


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Dyana - by pretty I mean photogenic.

"But at any rate, prettiness has nothing to do with type." --- so what type of person are you? :-)

The Lord of The Ring

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This reminds me of something. I wonder if one of the networks, maybe Fox, would be interested in doing a reality TV show around TypeCon 2005, something like "Type and the City" - might end up something like this...



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