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I created logo for dentist Dr. Meurer & Dr. Palazis. What do you think about the way, form and the main solution. The brief is small and simply: the identity have to be strong, clear and not cheap, Bulgary under dentists :) So I created something where the phylosophy hide in the letters... the sign consists both with "p" and "m" and build together the form of tooth.

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I like it. Definitely strong, clear and not cheap.
Well done!

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That's really quite satisfying to look at. Dax really complements the logo too. Good work :)

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I don't get the religious connection ... but then I don't get religion.

mark looks alright.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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That's a great logo, I wouldn't suggest changing anything to be honest.

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haha, my bad ... it look smore religious to me than medical.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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I like it. And I don't see any religious connotations.

- Lex

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The first aid cross in the center has a weird thinness to it, that brings too much attention to it. I would try and beef it up a bit, which might require shrinking it's overall size to accommodate for it's new heftiness.

Unless, you'd rather use a lighter weight for the text... this would make the logo "pm" pop more, creating a different contrast.


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Hi, I think the mark is great and the type too, the only thing I'd work on is the ratio between the mark and the type. The mark seems to be about the half of what I think it should be.

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I like it! Good job.

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It's clever, and I don't really see the religious part: it's not a Latin (i.e., Christian) cross. In my opinion, crosses like the one seen in the logo are usually taken as a secular symbol for medicine, except with some fundamentalists, which is why the Red Crescent was apparently created.

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Not getting any religious references, but I think the mark is not exactly spot on. I get a Duracell reference (as in "the plus end of the battery") and the House of Knives reference (as in "the Swiss Army knives"). More of the latter, because of the sharp edges and, obviously, the Swiss Cross in the middle.

Also having something in the tooth evokes rather unpleasant association of that insert being extracted from there by dentists, i.e. cavities and all that.

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I like the mark, definitely a good concept in my opinion. However, I would lose the cross altogether and just have the M and P tooth symbol.

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I think you can live without the cross. Great mark though. Very iconic. You did a great job of incorporating the tooth, m, and p without losing the iconic value of the design.
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