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Hey Everyone,

I want to get some feedback on an UI Design project I'm finishing up. It's basically a twitter-styled service, with photographs.

Non-Member Page:

Member Interior Page:


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Looks great! I have some notes for you:

- The image is too wide for my screen resolution, hopefully the website itself won't have this fixed weight.
- The © in your footer is missing.
- I personally dislike Arial, but it may look better with just ClearType.
- You could add some effects to the blue headers. Gradients, patterns and/or shadow under the logo.

Good luck :)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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I like it.

I think the interior page would work better if the bottom of the blue band didn't line up with the bottom of the tabs, unless you wanted to make the active tab merge into the main page.

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