Typophile freezes

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A couple of times lately I've had problems using the flash frontpage. It freezes and won't let me click or scroll anything. The only way to access the forum is typing the forum url or clicking "my account" on the right.

Have anyone else experience this?
I'm on a mac, running Firefox, btw.

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Just change your bookmark to http://typophile.com/forum.

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I can always use the backdoor, but that won't help new visitors.

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And yet again the thing is freezed. Is this only happening to me?

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Might it be a Flash Player issue? It happens to me too (Mac/Firefox here as well), though rather erratically; and it also happens on other Flash-based web sites. Dunno what the problem is. But FWIW, if I click about ten times in rapid succession I can usually "get through". :-)

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