America's Most Fonted: The 7 Worst Fonts

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Had to share....maybe this is on typophile somewhere, but couldn't find in search...

This old web page (America's Most Fonted: The 7 Worst Fonts) is someone's personal rant on 'worst fonts', but the descriptions and thumbnail images are pretty damn funny.

My personal favorites:

1. CURLZ MT: "Curlz MT is not a font; it's a cry for help." + "Common abusers: Middle-aged ex-cheerleaders trying to hold on to the magic" + "Probable famous user: Britney Spears."

2. VIVALDI: "Look! It's like I really signed it! Even though it's on a computer!"

3. KRISTIN ITC: "ITC = I Teach Children" + "Don't you see how playful these letters look? You are talking to someone who is young inside!"

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Interesting. I happen to think Curlz and Vivaldi are very nice fonts. Just my two cents.

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Ban hate.

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Since I have used each one of those fonts in a different application, I would have to disagree. Unless a font is completely unusable, just about every font has it's place - even Comic Sans.


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Leaky shoes are OK, if it's not raining.

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From the original article:

(Comic Sans people tend to be apostrophe abusers as well)

I rest my case.

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Thanks for the tip. Haven't come across this.

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raph, My apologies. I will try to do better. I wasn't aware that there would be a test


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I thought this was quite humorous ... thank you!

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