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This is my first post. I'm doing a logo for a drip irrigation company in Sydney and this is what i've done so far. They specialize in irrigation for plants not for lawns. There's next to no budget which i think many can identify with, and it well end up being used on business cards, Letterheads etc. Basically i'm after your critique

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Hi glenn

i am not usually a fan of a "photographic logo", it always carries a lot of printing dificulties. The leaf concept i like it a lot but i always value more a simplification of it. try working on a simpler version.

Drip Irrigation SYSTEM works for me, try puting the green of SYSTEM a little bit darker.

good luck


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quoting someone's instructor

"A logo is a good logo if you can draw it in the sand with your toe". (http://www.typophile.com/forums/messages/29/40717.html?1089984427)

I kind of agree with this, allthough sometimes a logo results in a more complex form, i think a logo should be a form easily to draw with a bad pencil in a napkin.

think about it


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As Christian has suggested, simplify the graphic. Lose the gradients, maybe create some positive/negative play to create the leaf, etc

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