TANGER SERIF a Multiple Width Type Family

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I am happy to introduce a highly versatile multi width type family called Tanger Serif by Jarno Lukkarila Type Foundry. After three years of preparation it feels great to make it public!

Tanger Serif is inspired by fine Transitionals and hard working news paper fonts from the 19th century. It shares their strong and straightforward appearance in refreshed and up-to-date form. Tanger Serif comes in three widths each containing five weights in both roman and italic.

Fonts include many Open Type features (including small caps and old style figures) which allow close typographic detailing. Wide character sets guarantee extensive language support.

Find more about Tanger Serif at our website

If you’d like to receive a pdf specimen, please mail us to support@jarnolukkarila.com

Best Regards,
Jarno Lukkarila

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The looping stem of the n and h from Tanger Serif Medium Italic reminds me of some lettering Fred Cooper ones made.

Nice job Jarno!


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¡ Handpicked !

Lots of lovely potential. Congratulations!

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Thanks a lot for your kind comments!

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That's looking fantastic. :)

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Thanks! That's nice to hear.

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It's really nice! I love the style of the "e".
Those guys up there in Den Haag taught you very nice stuff. Holland for the win! :P

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Yeah they did, Martijn. It's really good to hear your comments too, thanks!


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