Brody redesigns Chicago

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I’d been wonder what that font was every time I walked by the posters.

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The title of this thread is misleading.

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Do you think Si would commit the sin of wordplay? Naaah...

I think Brody did a very nice job getting the feel of all those old painted letters on the sides of brick buildings...

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>The title of this thread is misleading.

Sorry, an isolated one off mistake that will never be repeated ;-)

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"That's a serious thing to say to a girl you've just met."

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"Based on a true story."

Gosh, until now I hadn't realized John Dillinger REALLY existed... D'oh!

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Yes, the title of this thread tricked me too.

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"Yes, the title of this thread tricked me too."
I know! You have to read Machiavelli, (The Prince), to get an understanding of the activities that must occupy mercenary hirelings in any peaceful society, then Sii's a lot easier to ignore. ;)


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>mercenary hireling

Love it! I think a t-shirt is in order, set in... hm, let's pick Starling

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Just a few letters, and you can see what it's all about. Brilliant.

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>I think a t-shirt is in order, set in... hm, let’s pick Starling
Lol...ya kinda missed the broadside of the analogy there SiiO0ops!

Ya marked a 50 year veteran, a native pikeman of the militia, nonetheless... as a mercenary hireling? No wait, ya done marked his Starling pike, as a mercenary hireling. That would qualify you as a bad Pike Marker. It also indicates you might not like my next two families, Berdana and Sarial Killer.;)

In any case, HAPPY 80th Birthday, MayDay Mike Parker!


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