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Hey all,

New to this site.

I've been looking and am probably looking in all the wrong spots or not hard enough. I was wondering if anyone tell me some iconic typographers from the 1960's. would be greatly appreciated.


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A good place to look (USA):

Figures from the 60s start to show up here in the late 70s, eg George Lois, Herb Lubalin.

Here's something by Lubalin that would be good to get your hands on:

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In the 1960s you would have often heard the names Hermann Zapf and Adrian Frutiger, though the types that made them famous were designed a decade earlier. Jan Tschichold designed Sabon in the mid-60s, late in his career. Matthew Carter designed Cascade Script and Snell Roundhand in the 60s, though he didn't become well-known until the 70s. Herb Lubalin designed Avant Garde for the magazine of the same name in the 60s, and the prolific Ed Benguiat was designing in the 60s, though his designs didn't gain widespread popularity until the 70s.
Graphic designers of that period, admired for their use of type designed by others, included Paul Rand and Milton Glaser.

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Thank you both soooo greatly for your help, you've given me a great amount for my starting point.


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Good luck with the auction. That's a 10" x 13", 85-page hardcover magazine with spot colors and special papers, entirely designed by Lubalin, with no advertisements. Consider how much the monograph on him sells for, which doesn't contain a single original.
There is also trade in old Avant Garde magazines.

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Aldo Novarese designed what I'd consider to be one of the most iconic 1960s typefaces, Eurostile:


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Another bummer from the 1960s is Antique Olive designed by Roger Excoffon. Especially the "Nord" is a reminder … check the Air France Logo of that time …

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