Vag Rounded Italic

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Does anyone knows where can I find it? Seems weird that it’s never been made?
This font is in the Public Domain right, and used quite a lot too! (Not only by VW)

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Not too sure about the public domain thing... I think it is an officially retailed font, as is is sold by Adobe in their font folio. I would check that first. There probably are several rounded fonts that do provide italic as well.

cheerio Queneau

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TS Volkswagen has italics in it.

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You can try BPreplay as well (check the typefaces section)

George Triantafyllakos -

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Renko, your mention of Volkswagen made me look up VAG Rounded on Google... Until now, I had no idea that VW was the origin of this typeface, and I'd always wondered what "VAG" stood for!

Until now, I had always identified Futura with Volkswagen, because of Helmut Krone's famous ads for VW in the United States.

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As far as I know VW put the font in the public Domain so all the dealers could use it?

Thanks for the link Renko. That’s verry usefull …

Do you see the wierd cutofs in the lowercase a and q in the heavy-italic.

Gives me the feeling it’s a quick rip-off …

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Not sure if this is all true …

I’m sure the first lines are bullshit!

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Gives me the feeling it’s a quick rip-off …

I could not find any information for "The Quick Brown Fox" foundry, not even on MyFonts!

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