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Hi trying to search the basic, get one hit for 'house' am I doing something wrong on this site or is the search function needs more info. Have tried advanced search. Also have tried to search to see if there is an issue with searching... that too was limited.


try searching "House Industries" I am pretty sure I am spelling this correctly.

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Typophile's search feature has been basically non-functional for a very long time. The workaround used to be to use Google with " whatever", but even that has become unreliable for some time now. Very frustrating.

If the search feature worked, you would be able to find many threads similar to this, except that if it worked, there wouldn't be threads like this.

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Couldn't one of the admins maybe stickify this? It is being asked a lot.

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thanks Mark, I think it should state limited search function.
On another note Mark, I'm a fan of your typefaces have purchased a few over the years.

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Yeah, or something. (And thanks!)

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I just noticed under my username is "Search Typophile" this search actually works.

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Good news! We fixed it. You can go ahead and use the search field again. Apologies for leaving it broken for so long. Some bugs are more tenacious than others.

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