Obscure Grade School Type Tool

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When I was in grade school my second grade teacher had this chalk holder. I was wood with about, I'd say, six metal clips for holding chalk. It was a way for her to make lines on the chalkboard to teach us proper ascending and descending heights for our letters. I thought if anyone would remember this it would be a fellow font lover. I would love to get my hands on one for the chalkboard wall in my apartment! Anyone have any idea what this tool is called and where I may be able to find one?

Thanks so much in advance,
Erin Z

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I've seen those with five clips, with the purpose of allowing music teachers to create a musical staff on a chalkboard. So some inquiries with music teachers (or on musicophile.com ;-) ) might lead somewhere.

Edit: googling "music staff liner" gives some results, e.g. this thing.

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Don't know about six-clip chalk holders, but recall five-clip devices used to draw musical staffs on chalkboards. Here's a link (& good luck!):


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Yeah, those look like they would work! Thanks you guys!

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