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Hello, this is the second typeface I've designed so far (I'm a graphic design student). I set out to create a contemporary grotesk. Initially I added much more characteristics, like angled strokes (as in the lowercase e), etc. I've kept the extreme x-height. But now I've stripped it down, added more contrast and so on. It is not based on any specific typeface, except on personal preferences.

I would like some overall feedback, and especially on:

  • Is it original? If you don't think so, please point me to similar types...
  • Legibility
  • Contrast & harmony
  • Numerals & punctuation
  • Style
  • I find a, e, s, g the most difficult, what do you think about those?



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Yeah, like it!

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I might consider, if this hasn't yet been your methodology, to go more "blank canvas" — it almost feels like these are pushed and pulled and prodded vector characters from a very common existing typeface...

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Thanks for thoughts.

Dan, are you referring to a specific typeface, or just any common existing typeface?

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I like it. And I think it has charakter enough that it doesn’t need the “added” charakteristics. The angled strokes are rather distracting for my taste, especially on the ‘G’. I don’t like the ‘K’ and the ‘T’ is too narrow. The horizontal stroke on the ‘t’ looks like it needs to lean more to the right.

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