Anybody know what this means?

A. Scott Britton's picture

I'm trying to test a TrueType font, shows up on screen, but when I print, this is what comes out on the paper:

PCL XL error
Subsystem: TEXT
Error: InternalError 0x50
Operator: ReadChar
Position: 73

Anybody know what it means?

John Hudson's picture

What kind of printer are you using? Do you have the latest drivers installed?

Thomas Phinney's picture

I'd take a special look at whatever glyph has GID 73....


A. Scott Britton's picture

It's an HP LaserJet 1200 (w/ HCL 6 driver). I found that the problem is directly based in the HCL 6 driver (a problem that could be easily repaired if only I were allowed to install the fix, but alas it's a work printer, so only the official IT guys are allowed to go foolin' around with such things)--the whole thing gave me quite a scare, thinking I had done something stupid.

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