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I was asked to design a logo for the 2004 election. The group "Swing the State" is a non-profit grassroots campaign to beat Bush in 2004.
The goal of the campaign is to address the various undecided Swing States. People affiliated with the organization will travel to these states and try and get as many people registered to vote as possible, as well as try and pursuade "on the fence voters" to vote democratic. I'd love to here the forums opinions on this logo.

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I like it. When I read your description I wasn't wild for the phrase "Swing the State" (swing can take on all kinds of double entrendre meanings). The design you came up with is simple, clean and conveys the message that your vote matters. The more I look at it the more I like it. One thing though, and it may not matter, but it doesn't say vote democrat. It could just as easily be used by people trying to swing the state republican. I have no suggestion as to how to imlpy vote democrat other than adding a donkey but that would be assinine.
: )

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I agree with your last statement, Kirsten, with one caveat: There is actually a very subtle hint that it's democratic -- at election time, when they divide the states up based on which party won them, typically Democrats are indicated with blue and Republicans with red.

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John, that was the behind the blue, thanks for picking up on it.

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John, that was the thinking behind the blue, I'm glad you picked up on it.

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Oops, I think the forum is a bit buggy.

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Re: the color, I suspected as much but to be honest I always forget which color is for which party. Is it "R"ed for "R"epublician? Or should they be blue for all the blue chip stock they have and staid blue suits they wear? Don't mind me I'm just being silly and this is a fun deversion from what I'm really supposed to be working on. Is red revolutionary or reactionary? Opps there I go again. Bottom line - terrific logo David.

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David, Since its a check mark maybe put a box in the background also It might be nice if the check mark were more casual looking as if it were done by hand. It feels a little cold and mechanical.

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I like it as is. Nice and simple. I think the blue gets the deomcratic swing across just fine.

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