Suggestions for suitable complimentary typeface

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Im working casually on this logo. ( casually in very discounted rates because family / friend etc )

Im thinking about helping further with this by finding a suitable typeface to define the Branding with. ( am i too nice? )

Something light and friendly. Gills Sans ( MT version used in logo ) and Myriad Pro are hight on my list right now.

Im wondering if any typophiles might school me on these choices and/or care to share feedback on the logo and use of cc spills.

cheers people!

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Gill Sans is a great typeface, I'd go with that. It's even part of the logo.

If you're looking for something a bit more unique, Dederon Sans is also nice and friendly, and he/she can even purchase the serif version to go with it.

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Thanx for the comment / link, actually something with a serif version is very appropriate.

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