Font Problem

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I have a problem.. I have done a font for a company and it doesn't work in InDesign..
Here's what he's saying:

"The font problems seem mostly to be occurring when printing from
Adobe InDesign. They are post script errors which cause the documents
not to print at all from our rip. To get a printable result we are
forced to create a pdf from the document and then print from that. We
suspect that there may be loose ends and/or open paths in some of the

So now I wonder what shall I do to make it work?
I have made the font in Default Encoding (and also tried Adobe Encoding), Kerning & Metrics. TTF

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Are there open paths hiding somewhere in one of your glyphs? When you export, does FontLab give a warning or error message?

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Does the font print okay from other applications? Which ones have they tried?

When a PDF is made, does it affect printability whether the entire font is embedded, versus subsetting for only the used glyphs?


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