(x) Script similar to Tennessee on Jack Daniel's label - various {gang}

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Hi guys, I´m working on a Jack Daniels Article in a magazine, and I wonder if you can suggest me some similar font to use in the headlines and other subtitles in the article.
I´m looking a font similar than the TENNESSEE word. I guess it must be a custom work, but maybe you know some font similar.

thanks very much in advance

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Mousse Script might be an option:


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thanks very much!

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Harold Lohner's Scarlet Ribbons also has a similar feel, I think.

- Mike Yanega

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I think Doyald Young Had a finger in the in that label. I recall I read something about it in one of his 3 masterpieces.


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Metroscript is nice as well.

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FF Jackie was inspired by the Tennessee bit on the Jack Daniel’s label.

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thanks to all of you! it was very usefull your suggestions!


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