The most insane website intro... EVER!

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This is so awesome!


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It's hard to believe it's for real.

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Just when you think it's gonna stop... there's more!

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Do you think anyone has ever pressed the "skip intro" button?

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Wow, that's stunning!

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It’s hard to believe it’s for real.

How could you NOT believe?

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And the Word was made Flash . . .

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Was the guy a crackhead who made that site! Damn, that was really nauseating.


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Jesus is my car insurance.

And my liability insurance.

And my catastrophic / disability / church property / impaired risk Insurance.

Jesus is also my representation At IRS Audit.

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Good luck with that. :-)


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Looks like a scam to me.

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Render unto Caeser what is his.

No need for a rep : )


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was that the apostle John's apocalyptic vision in flash? woah!

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DaughterNumberThree (a close personal friend of mine) is on the case.

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If only that could be my alarm in the morning somehow.

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I tweeted that sh*t! Hahaha, still laughing at the ridiculousness!

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SharperFX, the people who made that site, seem to specialize in providing epic sci-fi intros to churches. They've really got it down to a science, like this one>> . If the services were anything like the intro, I would definitely go.

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Damn it FeeltheKern, I was coming back specifically to post that one, it's so amazing.

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These are surely the end times.

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Holy crap! cool flash & all...but it's sooooooooo inappropriate.

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I was blinded like Saul on his way to Damascus...

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There should be a warning that anyone with epilepsy should not watch this thing!


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heehee, i find the voice over on the actually site really creepy... it's things like this that give christians a bad name...

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i just saw the K&K one... i have no words... :-O

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Here's the K&K in its proper environment, beautiful!

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God is my co-rasterizer.

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That's the Star Trek church, isn't it? Hilarious!

I can't believe someone actually ordered those things.

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Holy Shit o_O

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1985: Still you're refering to God? :) Or is it Gosh?

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The final scene from the Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Allmighty socks it to the K..... comes to mind. Adds a bit of zing to loving thy enemies and turning the other cheek, eh?

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Unpossible malprobability @_@ Insane.

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Sucks. It's just wrong in all kinds of ways.

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Brutal, ICCM stands for International Conspiracy committee against Modernism.
I did write to them on their "praise report":

"Dear god, they are sinners, they have a bad website and immoral taste, they don't know what they're doing. Help them and guide them to the path of decency in web design. Dear god, is this for real? Shall help me thy lord if this is for real! God, I know your magnificence sapience will tell if they have to be taxed."

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Anyone familiar with Command & Conquer?
Then you will love the Global Defence Initiative website.
(Designed with Dreamweaver CS5)

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Jesus Christ!!!

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Not HIM again :-)


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So... he's an architect? ;-)

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Now that's the meaning of Holy Crap.

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He died for your sans.

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Does that mean in 3 days, he will rise for your Serifs? :-)


PS: Your sans, Brilliant!

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That is brilliant indeed.

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