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I saw this posted on some time ago. Peter Saville has various fonts used for his New Order album sleeves up for download on his site.
I can't imagine these are anything more than slight tweaks to existing faces. There's no EULA or anything, and I can't find much more info about it.
Just curious, i guess...

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I'd stay away from those fonts if I were you. Saville wasn't really much of a font guy anyway. Most of what is on that page is incorrect or poorly wrought.

In the case of the Closer font, it is both. That's not the font. And in fact, that's not even the proper name of that font that has been modified. They didn't even bother changing the copyright.

I'm still in the process of digitizing the Closer font, see this thread.

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Thanks Dan. Just found this older thread with Brett Wickens discussing some of his work on Crouwel's New Alphabet. From what I gather that site must be some sort of fan site.

Just got a chance to catch up on reading your Closer thread. It looks great! How's progress going?

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I haven't messed with it much. It works sufficient for me, but I'd like to clean it up significantly before I offer it out. I'd also like to complete the character set, do some spacing, etc.

I'll have to finish it off sometime though. Maybe I'll start working on it again.

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