New condensed weights of Endurance Pro introduced by Ascender Corp

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We are pleased to announce the newest members of the Endurance Pro™ font family. Endurance Pro Condensed light, regular, semibold and bold are now available in TrueType and OpenType formats.

Endurance Pro was designed by Steve Matteson to fill the need for a more elegant, less industrial-looking neo-grotesque sans serif design. The name Endurance lends itself to the fact that the typeface was designed to work well under extreme conditions from billboards to mobile phone screens.

Endurance Pro was designed with on-screen legibility as a key attribute and with careful detailing for a more refined appearance in large sizes. All the Endurance Pro fonts feature an extensive character set with WGL support (Greek, Cyrillic, Turkish, Baltic, etc.) to meet the needs of multinational companies. Also included in the fonts are OpenType typographic features including old style figures, proportional figures, fractions, superiors and a slash zero.

There are now 12 Endurance Pro fonts in the entire family. Ascender is offering all the Endurance Pro fonts at a 30% discount for a limited time. Visit for more information

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Here is a link directly to the new Condensed fonts if you want to use the online type preview feature:

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