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Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a new project and I'm having trouble making a decision. What do you think about these logos? It's for a snowboard company who is also selling downhill skateboard. I want to make two logos, one with the all "Pumpkin" word and another small one as a symbol.

Any kind of critics are welcome...

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I like these, I think your logos look very appropriate for the market, maybe a little safe.

Also does anyone else read 'PLIMPKIN'? Maybe look at making the U a little more rounded and having more space between the U and the M.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for your critic... I read Pumpkin easily, but yeah maybe more space will help. The choice is hard between the straight and the rounded edges one (1 and 3).

I really like number 2 and I'm trying to make the white and black holes look better. For example the inside of the "P" and the black on top of the intersection of "P" and "K".

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I like the look of these too, althougth i dont know if it imediately screams skateboarding - more slick mountainering gear.
I have no plimpkin problems and am leaning towards no.1 in a no.1 or no.3 choise.


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Nice logos. My preference is no. 3 I like the rounded edges - seems more pumpkin-like. It probably doesn't really matter but I find the very sharp pointed angles disconcerting with the name pumpkin. However, that may be the point.
And I read pumpkin not plimpkin.

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I think the rounded edges of #3 work best for the reasons kirsten mentioned. i also think the border should be thicker, as it is in #1, for similar reasons. and yes a little tracking the letters apart will help with legibility, and thankfully gets rid of that connection between the lower leg of the K and the I that we see in #1.

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Thanks all of you for your comments. About that project: I'm studying Graphic Design in Brussels and this is my final project. I'm going to do their new identity, website, packaging, boards graphics... the all thing.

You can check their two website here:

Currently they have two logos for one brand and I think one logo for the all "Pumpkin" brand suits better. About what Will said, I'm aware of that but their skateboards are slalom and downhill skateboards, often used on mountains and hills. I tried to put skate and snow in one logo (#2).

I like the rounded one too, but it doesn't really fit when I'm using it as the symbol "PK" #3.

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Have you considered rounding all four external corners of the type to mimic the shape of the board ? I haven't tried it, but I think it might work and it will be along the lines of the option #3.

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I understand your concern about the rounded corners paired with the sharp angles of your icon. (although the contrast between the two doesn't bother me so much) You may want to re-think your symbol. A mountain range would be good for ski/snowboard manufacturer but for a Skateboard/snowboard manufacturer? Looks like you are ignoring half of the clientele. after Re-reading your original post stating you want 2 designs, a word mark and a symbol. I'm wondering are they going to be used for the different products? And while I like the look of the mark, it's starting to bother me the more I think about it, why PK? Does anyone abbreviate pumpkin PK?

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Hey Kirsten, thanks for your comment, it's always good to get different opinion.

I understand what you mean with the skate/snow manufacturer, and I'm aware of that. But as I said above, those skateboards are often used for speed and downhill. Those guys wear leather and helmet riding down mountains at incredible speed... That's why I think the mountain symbol isn't far from that kind of skateboarding.

I'm still thinking about that option because as you said I don't want to ignore half of the clientele. And it's true not everybody rides skateboards in mountains.

I'm still in the early process of the logo so I'm trying things, that's why I came up with that PK. Maybe I could try to use the whole Pumpkin word and the mountain symbol without the PK. I know PK is not the abbreviation of Pumpkin, it's just an option to make a symbol out of the brand.

Do you mean I should make the P and the N look like skateboard or snowboard edges?

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Yes, round the two left corners of P and two right corners of N. Just to see if it works at all, there might be something in this.

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I think #4 from your first post works the best. The others have too much going on. I want to echo peter_vii's comment, however: all are appropriate, but safe.

Nick Hladek

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yep its really good the design, will it go with my bones red bearings that is the problem, i have been using red bearing for about 4 years now and don't like to change it, but i like your design its nice

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I don't think there will be a lot of people on this board that can actually consider themselves in your target audience, however, I can.

It might be worth looking at other brands that are established in the (longboard) downhill community; Landyachtz, Rayne and Sector9 spring to mind.

But in this downhill community you can distinguish two different groups; those who do it for the fun of it, and those that do it professionally. I think the logo you currently have is better suited for the first group, the second one is a bit more 'high tech', think 'nano-tube carbon-fiber'.

If you need the opinion of more people in the 'scene' try the forums of Silverfish Longboarding (the largest online community on longboarding).

Just a heads up; Pumpkin is already a name in use for a type of bushings made by Bear (subdivision of Landyachtz).

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