Logo Based on Abstract Human Form!

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Hey friends,

A client I've been working with KT Tape (Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape), a professional-grade athletic tape has requested a rework of a typographic logo I did for them a while back. They want the logo to be more emotive and human. They said they have gotten comments that the big K in their current logo reminds people of K-Mart. (Not good!)
The second image is a mockup of exactly what they asked for in a new logo...a logo based on a victorious human form! I feel like this approach is dated and I prefer the old logo. I suggested we meet in the middle and just do a more stylized K or KT using curved lines. What do you guys think?


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This sounds like a fun project. If the old logo looks like Kmart, the new mockup looks like a bajillion other companies (also, why is it an X?). Usually, the best way to deal with these really narrow formal instructions is to take a step back and figure out why your client wants a "victorious human form" rather than the old simple, straight lined, typographic solution. Do they want to communicate victory? That they need to communicate that they make tape for humans as opposed to paper? Do they require a more "unique" icon rather than simple typography? Or are they just kind of bored with the old one? Perhaps they think it's too cold and stiff?

It could also help if you can show them examples of other company's logos both in their market and ones that look like their desired direction.

FYI, this should go on the design board next time.

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I think they mainly just want a unique icon rather than simple typography.

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glossing over the idea that typography is 'simple' i am seeing an x rather than a k in the logo.

have you tried making the position of theperson more semifore-like?


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Quickest way to kill the Kmart connection would be to ditch the red. I like the KT mark.

I agree with you about the new logo: generic, looks like an X, dated approach, etc. Also, the typography leaves something to be desired. The T is so weak, and it's one of the key letters! I also think the K is a bit weak, too.

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